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Don't Miss: SA's New People Page


This enhanced page is an update to My Feed.

The page delivers content from the people you follow, all in one place.

You can filter by type of post, too.

Check it out and share your feedback on the page here.

A quick note about a new page that I really love:

In the announcement of its launch, Daniel Hochman, one of our product gurus, said, "This page is long overdue on Seeking Alpha. For years, we had the capability to "Follow" authors and users, but no killer experience which gave the user valuable "payback" for following someone. Those days are over."

I agree. I have been on the page a LOT over the past two days because it's curated for me, by me. 

However, that's my opinion. Please have a look and share your thoughts on the page below. And be sure to include what more you'd like to see on the page. We value your feedback, and I really look forward to hearing what can make this new feature even stronger.