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$VRNG Filing 203

|Includes: XpresSpa Group (XSPA)


>>>THIS MATTER COMES to the Court on the stipulation of Counsel for Plaintiff I/P Engine, Inc. ("I/P Engine") and Counsel for Defendants Google Inc. and IAC Search and Media, Inc. (collectively "Defendants") that:<<<

- Means the action was not taken unilaterally by the court but rather upon the request of VRNG, GOOG and IACI.

>>>For the avoidance of doubt, the patent infringement claims being dismissed explicitly exclude, and I/P Engine explicitly reserves and retains all rights and remedies with respect to, any and all other claims asserted in the present litigation including, without limitation, the patent infringement claims as to Google AdWords, Google AdSense for Search, Google AdSense for Mobile Search and AOL's Search Marketplace.<<<

Explicitly excluded means all claims listed in above sentence are still in play.

Sounds like another partial settlement between $VRNG, $GOOG and $IACI has been agreed to out of court.

Disclosure: I am long VRNG.