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Why $TNXP Is Trading At $10 Instead Of $30 Today...

|Includes: Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP)

When I discovered TNXP at a lowly 3.50 a share, barely putting up 20,000 shares a day I wondered why after I completed extensive DD on the company.

I reached out to numerous SA contributors, from Doctors in Bio, to overall Guru's, mainly to get their feel for the direction of the company. It was not so much that I needed reassurance of my thoughts of TNXP so much as I wondered how much DD I would get from them as they are considered the "experts".

After reaching out to at least 25-30 contributors, the overall consensus was that the majority of them use yahoo finance as their "go to" quick fundamental DD source, (minus Joe Springer of course who wrote an outstanding article found here

I'm now being contacted by followers who are confused because they have contacted Doctors on SA to try and get a "professional" opinion of TNXP. Their answers are not exactly adding up when you compare the extensive DD that Joe Springer covered in his article in the beginning of December.

In my experience "the experts" are on the same playing field as all of the retailers, its just a matter of doing the proper DD to find the answers. The market chews these same people up and spits them out just as easily as the rest if they are not on their game.

TNXP is an anomaly of sorts because the company had numerous big events happen practically at the same time. In May, TNXP did a reverse split as they were in the process of uplisting to the Nasdaq market and needed their price higher for this to make sense. In August they raised around $11 Mil and received their uplist to Nasdaq where they now reside.

The anomaly is that without truly digging into the story, or reading Joe's article, its easy to have a negative feel for Tonix. After all, according to Yahoo finance they only have 2 employees and what used to be 400k in cash or so. The cash has recently been updated to 7mil but Yahoo still does not add in the 3-4 million the company recently received from warrant exercises.

The 2 employee debate just kills me every time I hear it as it is just laughable when you actually see who Tonix's Board of directors, Scientific Board, and Management are. If you don't know yet, they are highly skilled, highly trained professionals with a combined value of drugs produced in the 10's of billions!

Another anomaly was the chart of TNXP before the massive rise to 10 recently. Charts are very difficult to read when a stock goes from an OTC listing to a Nasdaq listing, especially with a reverse split thrown in the mix. So the argument of "if the company is so great why did the price swing from 15 to .36?" makes no sense of course because the chart does not really tell the truth of actual price.

The market is slowly starting to do their DD here and Joe's article was the perfect lazy mans chance to get days of research into a half hour read. If you have not read the article in full I really urge you to do it today, especially if you are considering an investment in TNXP. Tonix is on its way to $30 sooner or later, its just a matter of when the market is going to figure it out.

Disclosure: I am long TNXP.