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Lamperd Less Lethal: Capitalize On A Growing Market For Non-Lethal Weapons

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The global market for non-lethal weapons is expected to grow from $880.5 million in 2013 to about $1.14 billion by 2018, according to Research and Markets, representing a 5.42% compound annual growth rate. With growing unrest in the Middle East, governments around the world have adopted these weapons to address street riots and mass demonstrations, while urbanized warfare has also created a need for weapons that prevent civilian casualties.

According to Non-Lethal Weapons Market: 2013-2018, the U.S. represents the biggest source of growth within the niche industry, expected to grow at a 5.05% CAGR to $234.2 million by 2018. While there are many companies providing non-lethal weapons, the market remains very fragmented, which has created an opportunity for consolidation and leadership. In this article, we'll take a look at the industry's growth and one company poised to profit from it.

Numerous Industry Growth Drivers

The global market for non-lethal weapons is being driven by a number of catalysts. In the U.S., local police are increasingly resorting to non-lethal weapons, while the military is adopting non-lethal weapons in order to minimize civilian casualties in urban combat scenarios. The Middle East has also been a large purchaser of non-lethal weapons lately, with the dramatic increase in street riots and demonstrations following the Arab Spring that began in December of 2010.

As evidence of these trends, TASER International Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR) reported a 22.3% increase in revenues last quarter, due to increased adoption of its conducted electrical weapons ("CEWs") that produce debilitating but non-lethal force. The company also released a software-as-a-service product for law enforcement to automate its video data collection, called, representing a new market for non-lethal weapon accessories and services.

Promising Investment Opportunity

Lamperd Less Lethal Inc. (OTC Pink: LLLI), a micro-cap manufacturer of less lethal weapons and ammunition for defensive purposes, has surged more than 180% since the beginning of the year. While the company has been relatively quiet over the past few years, the unrest in the Middle East and potential deal flow from the region has spurred interest from investors, particularly after it quietly unveiled several new products over the past few months.

TASER's recent success has been largely on the shoulders of the announcement of their evidence collection system, which can be worn by officers in the field to capture audio and video evidence.

Lamperd Less Lethal offers a similar product that is different in one important way. It supports streaming audio and video. The streaming feed transmitted from the helmet or vest of the officer in the field goes directly to headquarters in real time where the officer can be advised or assisted as necessary. This feature leads to a more timely and efficient response and therefore a higher level of safety for officers in the field. Several police forces, recognizing the quality of the Lamperd Less Lethal product line, have begun field-testing with an eye towards implementation.

In early September, the company announced that it received an invitation from the governments of Oman and Saudi Arabia to demonstrate its full less lethal line, including crowd control products, in its second demonstration to both governments this year. The governments have responded favorably to the demonstrations so far and management anticipates closing on a "very sizable" order from one or both countries.

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