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Every system has a division of 9 elements in Vedic Code Waves. Whether it is the conception of a child or a business or a plant or the stock market, they are all within a system of 9 divisions according to the time line.

The time line can be any unit chosen, such as an hour, a day, a month or a year or a decade. Since time has no end or no beginning, we have to create the beginning when it comes to choosing to calculate a system. There are certain universal parameters that help us to calculate time.

As you can see the number 9 is very predominant in all phases of the universe. It acts like zero and at the same time acts like a powerful number that completes a system and prepares it for renewal. The Huricanes Katrina (8/28) and Wilmer (10/8) both were destructive in their paths. The 9th hurricane in 2011- IRENE was very destructive and fearful.  If you check the history, most of the 9th hurricanes were destructive in nature.

Most burial grounds are located on 72nd streets in the United States and if not on a street that begins with the letter “I”. OJ Simpson was living in a house number of 720 (9) when he was accused of murder and lost all of his wealth. Martin Luther King was killed in front of his hotel room number 378 (9). Al Capone the Mafia leader that murdered many was born on 9/27 (9). The Stock Market Crash of 1929 ended in 1935(9) and most of the natural disasters occur around the month of September (9) such as 9/11, the stock market crash of 2008 and the stock market crash of 2011. The Great Depression Era of the United States actually started at the end of 1926 before going into the big crash in 1930.

As you will observe, most stock market crashes occur around the months of September and October, or February. That is because we have two year ends, a lunar one and a solar one. The solar year ends in September-October and the lunar one ends in March. Some Vedic traditions have been following the solar calendar system while others are following the lunar system. The stock market tends to follow the lunar calendar of 13 months. Since September-October is the 9th month, most crashes will happen around that time. Most world disasters also will happen around that time, such as 9/11, the Tsunamis, the hurricanes, the earthquakes and so on.

The Market has seen significant crashes in the years such as the silver crash of 1980, the crash of 1989, 1998, and 2007. The September –October period will always see a significant drop in the energy of the stock market, especially the metals and non-eatable commodities. That is because the end of the universal cycle of waves occurs within these two months and is equal to the 9th wave in the Market as well in every person’s life.

We all get affected by the harvest season and we all get affected by the Stock market crashes at this time in the year. It is also the time when school terms begin and when lots of tuition payments are due.

The 9th wave can match the 4th wave correction as well as the 6th wave correction. However the 4th wave is not as bad as the 6th wave and the 9th wave corrections. The 4th wave is a foundation correction, the 6th wave is a directional correction and the 9th wave is a death-renewal correction. The above table includes mostly the death renewal corrections in August-September – October months of the year.

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