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|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD)

By Patrick MontesDeOca

For the last few weeks Mr. Nick Flamel, owner of, has been posting some pretty strong comments and making some very serious accusations criticizing my work, making slandering remarks and defaming my character, credibility and reputation for no reason at all except that he does not understand the nature of my work and he does it without any proof to substantiate any part of his rhetoric.

I find this extremely unethical and decided to fight back and write this article to expose the real truth based on the evidence provided.

Upon our own investigation we have found some startling evidence that shows clearly Mr. Flamel, as he calls himself is really Timothy L. Zurich of Atlantic Pacific Trading Group, a Commodity Trading Advisor registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), the same regulatory agency referenced in these false accusations against me, and posted on Mr. Flamel's website or is it Mr. Zurich?

This may be a criminal violation of NFA rule and regulation and is subject to some very serious criminal, legal and regulatory consequences. After the fall of MF Global, I am sure the pressure is on the NFA to find some scapegoats and show an example of their jurisdiction, power and regulatory control over the commodities markets, or I should say the lack of control.

Below is a link to the documentation that shows the evidence of how this scam works and it will speak for itself. I find it almost comical how these people's stupidity and blind arrogance deludes them into thinking they are smarter than the truth or above the law!

You be the Judge!

Jason Joseph Augustine and Timothy Lane Zurich of APTG (Atlantic Pacific Trading Group)

He developed a fictitious character called Nick Flamel who runs a website called Gold Information Center which primarily posts inflammatory posts about other companies and individuals while placing ads soliciting for business and making indirect recommendations to their brokerage under false pretenses.

Nick Flamel has his own Linkedin account and Facebook account with photos (Click Here). He is listed as the editor of the Gold Information center and replies to emails and solicits business. He tells these contacts that he can put them in touch with the right people! But the photo of Nick Flamel is the same as Timothy Lane Zurich, they are the same person. Nick Flamel even claims he went to Airborne school at Fort Benning GA!

He has questionable companies advertising on his own site and seems to spend all his time writing derogatory posts about legitimate businesses and tries to link his website to direct traffic to him by attaching himself to big names tags in the financial industry and slamming them in nasty little reports, kind of bait and switch concept.

When you request his material you get an email that tells you that they may no longer be working with that product. But they can re-direct your request to some other company based on what you need. It seems most of those referrals are going to companies that advertise on his site and may or may not pay a fee. Or he refers them to his commodity company which may be a violation, if not disclosed to the NFA.

Based on his NFA profile disclosure it does not appear he complied with this required regulatory request. (Click Here)

He posts a blog on Seeking Alpha as Nick Flamel, which is not regulated by the editing censors. Maybe they know his real identity. (Click Here)

See his content on Facebook here: (Click Here)

It is not private and the entire content on his wall is there for all to see. Including all the games he plays and inane comments he makes to his friends! and of course the profile photo of Mr. Flamel / Tim Zurick. He liked the photo so much he used it for all his social network profiles including Seeking Alpha!!

Mr. Augustine is a family man, left the business to concentrate on his family, and write a book, see his Facebook page here: (Click Here)

They work out of Las Vegas, a condo at: 52015 Torrey Pines # 1288,

Las Vegas NV 89118

702 810 4018

The real Nicholas Flamel was a famous alchemist.

Good Luck to you or whoever you are...and you out there BE CAREFUL! Sometimes things do not appear to be what they are. And like Mr. Scam Artist himself said, Do your due diligence before you do business with anyone advertising on the internet!


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