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It's All About Fate


Fate Therapeutics, Inc., (FATE).

The time is now.

FATE may join the stock price area of biotechs like SAGE.

Fate Therapeutics, Inc., is a San Diego, CA based Biotechnology company that employs 66 people.   The stock hit a high of $13.55 in March 2013, dropped to around $7 July 2015 and then played seesaw in the $2-$4 dollar range through 2017.  But beginning around Christmas time 2017, the stock started ascending, pushing consistently past the $4 & $5 mark into the $6+ range by mid-January 2018.  In early February 2018, it dropped back below $8 for a few days, affected by the big DOW selloff but unlike many stocks, it leveled there.   After this leveling, FATE shot-up again and the rise, with small dips, broke the under $10 club and FATE is flirting in the upper $14 range and at the time of this writing, is in the high $13's.

Why is this important?

This is important because I believe that time is now for FATE to become a biotech to reckon with.   You can see their pipeline and test results at their website, , and you can read the news articles like we all do.   My article is an opinion based on a pattern and my intuition.   My best trades are often selected after research and then sealed with the needle of intuition pointing true north.

In the case of Fate, I bought in at $2.89 and sold a third of my position near $9.00.   So I have a dog in this hunt and am long on FATE, for full disclosure.  Factually speaking, the results are good on the current trials and if this continues, the stock will continue to rise not because of only the fundamentals, the news, etc. but the real reason: a breakthrough way of helping dire-need patients.  FATE has always wanted to be this company and I believe the time is now.

$100 stock price in the near future is realistic, whether on their own, as they garner more trials and positive results, or as a part of a buyout from the bigger M&A drivers like Bayer, etc.


What I would like to see improved about FATE includes hiring more employees. Compared to companies like SAGE, FATE lags in the amount of employees.   Hiring tells the public that they are investing in themselves and growing, not taking gains and profiting only by servicing debtors, investors, etc.   All this will happen as FATE continues to grow and make a significant progress in their healthcare offerings.  The other area I would like to see FATE increase is in the expansion of their trials and medical relationships with hospitals.   


Besides that, I believe FATE is on the right track and I'm riding this ship myself.   Again, recall my disclosure of being an owner.  Also, I do not work in healthcare or know anyone at FATE.  My intuition is strong on this stock and as I've said, I'm a believer in what they are trying to accomplish.  The time is now to invest in FATE. After all, it's all about FATE.

Disclosure: I am/we are long FATE.

Additional disclosure: I purchased FATE at 2.89. I sold a third of my shares around the $9 price point. I own shares in FATE at the time of this writing and plan to sell around the $130 mark.