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Confidently Invest QUNR, Especially After 2015 Q1 Call


QUNR's critical year to be the real market leader- 2015-2016.

QUNR heads towards Mobile market dominance, turns down CTRIP's offer.

QUNR's new deal with Baidu Map implies tremendous growth.

QUNR gaining strength in the Hotel Market.

There are enough analysis on the technical side and numbers. Please take this article as a supplement from a user's point of view.

My Own Experience with ("QUNAR(NASDAQ:QUNR)") Mobile APP.

Before leaving Canada, I tried to book my next 2 weeks' flights in China on Qunar's APP. It was instant, cheap, and extremely user friendly.

After landed in Hongkong, I was notified by QUNR APP to have free "Chinese uber" service for me to pick me up in Shenzhen and send me to my hotel.

In the next few weeks, QUNR has been extremely helpful - provided hotel coupons and easy flight changes.

As a real user, I found the incentives for me (first time user) are extremely effective. I have fully experienced the best of QUNR, and will definitely continue to use it even without the incentives, and will refer it to everyone, as what I am doing now.

An aggressive but effective mobile spending strategy

QUNR's mobile growth was over 250% in Q1, with widened expense. In my own experience, QUNAR provided me with over $50 value in the mobile app (¥188 on Chinese Uber, ¥30 on higher end Hotels, ¥20 on Insurance). Qunar is spending a lot of money to set its market dominant position in the mobile market.

The reason for the users to stay with Qunar is, it is INDEED a lot cheaper than other online traveling sites - QUNR is charging a high commission, but is acting as a search engine. When the saving is combined with the convenience, it is hard for users to go back.

Qunar thus confidently turned down CTRIP's Acquisition Offer, knowing CTRIP is already afraid of its leading performance in the mobile end.

What does it mean for Qunar's exclusive integration with Baidu Map?

Users will be able to open the map, find the hotel information and address, and directly see availability and booking with Qunar.

Just imagine when you open Google map, you can directly see availability and book a hotel on the map itself. It is a game changer.

Disclosure: The author is long QUNR.

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