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Dealing with a DUI in Denver

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance and charged for the first time, you don’t need to be told what a humiliating and scary experience a DUI can be. After the initial arrest and trip to jail, however, a DUI charge can have a devastating effect on your life from that point forward. Your driving privileges may be suspended, and your driving record will be affected. You’ll be facing substantial fees associated with probation, court costs, and increased insurance premiums. Future job possibilities and any other opportunities that require a background check will be affected moving forward, as well as other negative consequences that are unique to you and your situation. Attempting to defend yourself in court is inarguably your worst course of action. However, an experienced Denver DUI attorney may be able to reduce the charges and negate the severity of the consequences. In some cases, a skilled DUI attorney may succeed in charges being dropped altogether, depending upon the circumstances.

There are numerous legal factors involved in DUI incidents of which the average citizen is typically unaware, but which a Denver DUI attorney would be very well-versed with and able to apply effectively in your defense. Your Denver DUI attorney may also be able to present information regarding your lack of prior convictions in order to avoid severe penalties and sentencing.

If you were arrested at a checkpoint, a Denver DUI attorney may, depending upon the circumstances, challenge the constitutional validity of the actions taken as a means to have charges dropped if mitigating factors contributing to the legal need for the checkpoint itself were not met. Other considerations a Denver DUI attorney will know to weigh include the circumstances in which you may have allowed a peace officer to administer a blood alcohol test and how the content of alcohol in your blood may not have had an intoxicating effect on you.

Your DUI attorney will also review information to determine whether Denver police had legal reason to stop you. If it turns out that they did not, a DUI attorney has the ability to seek to have the charges dropped. For instance, if the officer did not witness traffic violations such as weaving, failure to turn on headlights at night, excessively slow driving, running red lights or stop signs, etc., and merely pulled you over based on suspicion that you might have been drinking, that is not sufficient reason. If your Denver DUI attorney can prove this, it may be grounds to have the charges dropped.

Ultimately, the burden of proof regarding whether you were intoxicated or not lies with the prosecutor, but that doesn’t mean that you should rest comfortably based on your belief that they have no case. Anyone charged with a DUI needs robust representation by a skilled DUI attorney in Denver who is aware of state law, local ordinances, and local dynamics and has the expertise to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout your proceedings.

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