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Are You Being Charged with Possession?

Drugs in American culture, particularly those who distribute them, have an intense public stigma, and the portrait isn't pretty. People who use illegal drugs are often stereotyped as immoral, lazy, decadent, and the sort who will commit any kind of criminal act – from murder to theft – in order to get the next fix. While not all, and probably not most, of the people in American society who suffer from drug addiction, or who use and distribute drugs, fit that portrait, statistics do show strong correlations between the use of illicit drugs and the commission of other related crimes that tend to spiral whole communities into a lower standard of living. For that reason, if you are charged with a drug crime, whether for possession, manufacturing, distribution, or selling illegal drugs, it is something that you need to take very seriously by contacting a Denver criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. While charges may range from misdemeanor to felony, having any kind of drug conviction on your record can destroy your opportunities in the future.

A criminal defense lawyer in Denver will act vigorously on your behalf if you have been charged with a drug crime and do everything possible to have the charges dropped, maintain and fight for your innocence, or minimize any consequences that may be the result of an addiction from which you may suffer, or a mistake you may have made. A seasoned and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer may also be able to offer a plea agreement, depending on what kind of charges you face (usually contingent on what kind of drug you are charged with being in possession of and how much of it was allegedly in your possession) as well as your personal history and record. In many plea agreements, defendants are given counseling or rehab rather than being sent to prison.

Your drug charge may also be dropped depending on how the evidence against you was obtained, whether through illegal search and seizure, pulling your car over without sufficient cause, or if the 4th Amendment to the Constitution was in any way violated by law enforcement authorities leading to your arrest and charges.

Trying to defend yourself in a drug case by either pleading guilty and hoping for mercy or seeking an innocent verdict without full knowledge of how the legal system works will leave you extremely vulnerable. Whatever your circumstances might be, contacting a Denver criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights is in your best interests and definitely to your advantage.

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