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Buying a New Car? Keep your Insurance Costs Low

If you want to find cheap car insurance in California, bear in mind that the kind of car you buy will have a huge impact. How much do car insurance costs factor into your decision when you are in the market for a new vehicle? If you are on a tight budget (as many of us are with the economy such as it is right now) you may want to keep your car insurance premiums in mind as you shop for a new car, especially if you’re hoping to find cheap car insurance. A new car payment is added expense enough. Add higher car insurance premiums to this, and you may be scraping the bottom of your budget barrel.

The Highway Loss Data Institute is a nonprofit organization that researches deaths, property damage, and injuries related to vehicle collisions in the United States. HLDI is supported and utilized by auto insurers and gathers and compiles statistics based on losses that are reported by the insurance companies. These statistics track the makes and models of the cars involved in the most and least accidents. Cheap car insurance quotes in California are based on these statistics.

Car insurance companies in California and elsewhere use data compiled by the HLDI to assess the chances of an accident occurring depending on the type of car an insured driver owns. The most tell-tale sign is the amount of collision damage generated by particular makes and models of vehicles. The higher the damage reported, the higher the premium for a particular make and model of vehicle. If insurers are paying a large amount of money on collision costs for a vehicle, then that will most definitely be reflected in the price of your car insurance.


Car insurance companies in California do take other factors into account besides the type of car that you drive: Your driving record, the location of your residence, the age of the drivers in your household, their gender, and marital status are all other important factors that insurance companies consider when calculating your premiums. However, the type of car you drive counts for a hefty portion of your premium. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap car insurance in California or to reduce your premiums with your next vehicle, it will be in your best interests to research the vehicle(s) that you are looking to purchase to find out their HLDI ratings. To do this, you can visit HLDI’s website at

Upon observation of the data on HLDI’s website, it will become pretty apparent that the more expensive cars to insure tend to be flashy, high-performance vehicles or luxury automobiles. Generally speaking, vehicles that won’t have expensive parts to replace in the event of an accident tend to run much lower on the chart and will not cost as much to insure. If you want cheap car insurance in California, you might consider that two-toned beater, after all. Or maybe just forego the Jag.

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