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How Workers Compensation Works

Many people in the workplace have an idea that workers compensation is there to protect them in the event that an accident occurs while on the job. There is, of course, a sense in which that notion is completely true. But that is not the main impetus behind the existence of workers compensation insurance. It is really there to protect the employer should an employee suffer injury at the workplace. An employer is liable for fatalities or injuries that occur in the workplace, especially in warehouse or industrial and assembly businesses. Workers compensation protects the employer’s liability up to a point, so that if there is an accident that is due to the employer's negligence and consequent injury, the business will not lose all its assets paying medical bills and possible damages.

Workers compensation insurance adjusters, however, have a vested interest in making a profit, and the employer has an interest in keeping premiums that he pays as low as possible. In most cases, the more injuries and claims that are processed, the higher the premiums become. In larger businesses, the claims adjusters are even employed by the same employer, and there are many instances in which if there is the smallest doubt about any claim it will be rejected. Workers compensation claims adjusters will also seek to underpay those who file claims. So it isn't safe to assume that the insurance is there for your benefit; it is mainly there to protect your employer.

If you are injured in an accident due to employer negligence and suffer injuries, it is important to contact a Greensboro workers compensation lawyer as soon as you can. A workers compensation lawyer in Greensboro will almost always offer a free initial consultation in order to determine what kind of claim you have and estimate how much is possibly due to you in damages. Furthermore, they will deal directly with your employer and the insurance company in order to ensure that you are compensated fully not only for medical bills and lost wages, but in cases where it can be proven that the workers compensation insurance company initially rejected a claim or attempted to underpay you in bad faith, that is, to serve their own interests and not pay you fully what you deserve.

Lastly, a Greensboro workers compensation lawyer can investigate on your behalf any illegal termination, failure to promote you, or to give deserved bonuses in retaliation to your other claims and will fight aggressively on your behalf in court. Avoid speaking with the employer workers compensation adjuster before talking to a workers compensation lawyer in Greensboro.

The diligence of an experienced Greensboro workers compensation lawyer provides the level of service necessary to secure a significant settlement. The Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett staffs Greensboro workers compensation lawyers who will provide the personal attention that you, and your case, merit. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please call (336) 292-4076 or visit

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