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Dick Bove: Here's How To Fix The Economy-CNBC

I think this is a very intelligent article written by Dick Bove of Rochdale Securities. In the article he argues that the best way to stimulate the economy would be to take off the handcuffs that Dodd-Frank has put on the banks. Because various types of consumer loans have higher capital requirements and risk weightings, banks are hoarding capital in securities such as government bonds, and the global economy is paying the price for this extreme de-leveraging process. When governments are forced to reduce spending it is essential for the private sector to step in, but by forcing banks to retain enormous amounts of liquidity and capital, while hurting many other aspects of their business through regulation, there isn't any way these banks can step in to fill the void. I'm fine with higher capital and liquidity requirements but the rules needs to be clear and consistent. Regulators should work with the banks in a productive way as opposed to excessive bureaucracy. The banks should have time to meet the higher capital requirements, and confidence that the rules will not change forcing them to take value destroying measures simply to meet government and regulatory impulses.