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I continue to beat the S&P

|Includes: FSI International, Inc. (FSII)

One would hope that they would be able to beat the S&P index if they are going to be selecting their own stock investments (or recommending them to others in my case). I am happy to say that I am beating the S&P since I published my first article on Nov. 21st, 2011. Sure, this is less than a month worth of trading, but I am still pleased with the accomplishment. It is not like I am just squeaking out a small percentage higher than the index either, I am actually beating it by some 4.8% at last check just moments ago. 

There are three reasons that I credit beating the index. The first is that I have a limited number of stocks on my recommended list (just 6 at the moment). While this may seem to give me an unfair advantage, I believe that it more accurately represents what the average investor can do. Rather than putting all of his money into a mutual fund and having it spread around, he can pick 5 or 6 investments for himself and actually beat the market this way. 

The second reason is because of my recommendation of FSII on Nov. 29th. That stock is up over 40% since that recommendation, and there is no doubt that this has played a big role in being able to beat the index. This brings me to my third reason. 

The third reason for beating the index is because I am able to select stocks from the small and micro cap realms. The S&P has them, but they are weighed down by mid and large cap stocks as well. This is not to mention that the S&P has to deal with poor performing small cap stocks that lower performance as well. This is just one more advantage that I have against the index. I am able to select carefully researched small cap stocks that are more likely to rise than fall. Some will therefore argue that I would not be doing nearly as well were it not for my recommendation of FSII, and they would be correct. However, that is the beauty of it. I am able to select high risk, high reward investments like that to recommend, and my readers are often very well rewarded for following that advice. 

Any hypothetical investor who has placed an equal amount of money in all of my recommendations is besting the market quite well at the moment. A full breakdown of performance will be posting on this blog each month. Look for that on the 21st.