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How To Find The Best Penny Stocks To Buy: Look To The Psychic Friends Network Nearest You

|Includes: Excelsis Investments Inc. (EXSL), FUTU, HJOE, ILUS, MJNA, NGRC, PTOP, USGT

When it comes to trading penny stocks, volatility is often the catalyst for poor decisions at inopportune times. Chasing after the next big thing when the alerts are issued on Pub Crawl Holdings Inc. (PBCW) or trying to get in front of an expected play like USA Graphite Corp. (USGT), trading penny stocks is all about timing since everyone knows the RIGHT penny stock can provide you better returns than most traders see in a decade.

Yet today, amidst difficult financial times, emotional instincts often drive investors to take actions that make no rational sense. They see Superior Ventures Corp. (SVEN) break past the 30 cent range and think they need to get in now before they miss the run. It also allows for traders to make trading decisions which make perfect emotional sense like when traders invest $2,000 into the penny stock of The Psychic Friends Network Inc. (PFNI) even though the Company hasn't booked that amount of money in revenues in 5 years.

When it comes to making money on the OTC markets, psychological factors such as fear often translate into poor timing of buys and sells. Even though penny stock newsletters like the one offered for free at expend enormous efforts making the public aware of the details driving hot penny stocks, investors often give up these extra percentage points in poorly timed decisions. As a result, the average investor underperformed most asset classes over the past 20 years, including inflation by 0.5%.

Sometimes it just about finding the best penny stock available before the rest of the crowds flock to it and create volatility. Companies like Future Healthcare of America Inc. (FUTU), Hangover Joe's Holding Corp. (HJOE) and Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) are perfect examples of this which were all covered at AimHighProfits long before the crowds gathered. One particular penny stock, National Graphite Corp. (NGRC), has been a topic of conversation for months already in their VIP room. It has gained over 80% in the last 4 trading sessions.

With over two million visitors, AimHighProfits knows penny stocks and knows that The RIGHT Penny Stock can offer the HIGHEST percentage gains of any stocks in the market. At AimHighProfits, we talk about value penny stocks and value investing in penny stocks on any stock market. If your trading PBCW stock, SVEN stock, PFNI stock, USGT stock, or just looking for good penny stocks to buy, visit AimHighProfits and see if their analysis is of any assistance to your decision prior to making a trade.

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