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2 Mining Stocks That Could Double Before March

|Includes: SUSA-OLD, Swingplane Ventures Inc (SWVI)

Despite the sentiment that gold prices and the mining stocks that explore for the precious metal have lost much of their bullishness, some traders still see them as something more than pretty jewelry shares. Even though the price of gold itself has not doubled in the last 18 months as predicted, it has gone up 100 percent over the last 5 years and new companies are pushing to get into the game expecting another gold rush to soon come.

One such gold mining company is Southern USA Resources, Inc. (SUSA). On April 27, 2012, the Company consummated the acquisition of two (2) real estate properties of approximately 52 acres located in the Clay County, Alabama for $438,447. The acquisition is part of the Company's new business strategy of exploitation of mineral mining rights.

On April 27, 2012, the Company entered into an Equipment Contribution Agreement with their Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President, Secretary and Treasurer, Charles H. Merchant, Sr., whereby Mr. Merchant contributed mining equipment with a cost basis of approximate $355,262 to the Company in consideration of the issuance of 29,000,000 shares SUSA stock. was one of the few websites to uncover Southern USA Resources on January 17. Since then, SUSA shares have risen $0.08, 6.45 percent. Since the Company has both the land and the equipment, chances are sampling will commence shortly which will encourage more traders to look closer at the mining projects.

Another junior mining company which is targeted to become one of the Awesome Penny Stocks for short term traders is that of Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (SWVI). While not searching specifically for gold, the junior miner is focused on exploring and producing copper from their Algarrobo Property located approximately 850 km north of Santiago,Chile.

Unlike Southern USA Resources, Swingplane had only $159,394 in current assets as of September 30, 2012, all of which was classified as cash and cash equivalents. They have yet to enter into any lease agreements, purchase any land or mining equipment but could see the biggest short-term increase in their stock price. SWVI stock is has already doubled to $0.30 since uncovered it in November.

The Company acknowledged that it is a development stage company and needs a minimum of $12,000,000 of which approximately $1,000,000 will be used for operations and $11,000,000, as required, on their planned exploration project of "to be acquired" mining concessions in Chile. The only way for this to occur is the company to begin to raise capital by selling SWVI stock or which there is currently 550,000,000 shares authorized; 472,500,000 shares issued and outstanding.

Since many people have grown sick of the 9-to-5 grind for little to no increase in wages and have set their sights on finding the next Awesome Penny Stocks. Some have struck gold and made fortunes while others have been left holding bags worth half of what they started with.

Penny stocks can make you filthy rich, but can also cause you to lose all of your money. Before you decide to invest in a penny stock realize that they are risky because of:

  • Lack of available information about the stock
  • Lack of minimum standards to cushion investors
  • Lack of stock history due to a company's new start

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When trading penny stocks, always research, research, research and then research before planning to make a trade. Good luck to all in your search for riches.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.