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GOFF Stock Pumped After Murder Charges Issued On Ex-CEO/President

|Includes: Goff Corp (GOFF), REDG, SWVI, VLNX

After finishing off with pumping Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) just over a week ago, the Awesome Penny Stocks group wasted no time in scouring through all their shell corporations to take quickly get one of them, Goff Corporation (GOFF), cleaned up and issued before the news was leaked.

In an event which was chaotic to say the least, GOFF stock was confirmed on Monday as the newest pump and dump by AwesomePennyStocks, a group organized under the name Degroupa Tenner Morales Media Corp. and owners of domains such as,, and

What was even more of a show of force was that the groups unassociated affiliate, Victory Mark Corp LTDwho operates the domains, and, also issued alerts on GOFF just days after their pump of Red Giant Entertainment (REDG) failed miserably. The alerts issued on GOFF stock makes the connection clear that the two are partners-in-crime.

It makes sense that the group would pump the hell out of GOFF since the original CEO/President/CFO, Gary O'Flynn, a member of a high profiled political family in Ireland, has been in the headlines for breaking the law since December, most recently on March 5th when he was charged with soliciting to hire some to kill three people.

Just 3 days after the news hit the headlines in Ireland, Goff Corporation suddenly had a change of plans to swap out the shares of O'Flynn to Warwick Calasse. Creatively thinking, the website was created for Goff Corporation in February since O'Flynn was on the sure fire path of landing himself in jail since his December arrest for being drunk, wielding a knife and insulting police officers.

A lease agreement was created with one of the Awesome Penny Stocks connected companies, Golden Glory Resources S.A. of Golden Glory Resources Panama, for non-existent land in the Aguadas region, Caldas Department, Republic of Colombia.

On the website for Goff Corporation (see here), the share structure specifically outlines that there are:

  • Issued:361,000,000
  • Restricted:50,000,000
  • Float:177,250,000
  • Outstanding:227,250,000

On Monday, GOFF stock was the top dollar volume and share volume listed OTC stock, 2nd in total trades, ending the day at $0.2849, +119.15%, on dollar volume of $64,255,062, share volume of 263,914,098 after 7,203 trades were executed. That means that of the 1,875,000,000 authorized shares:

  • 36,664,098 shares above the outstanding traded;
  • 86,664,098 shares above the float traded.

VLNX Part II here we come.

What is frightening for those who have been involved with penny stocks and the groups for the last year or so is that the trading activity on GOFF stock is very similar to what occurred in mid-August, Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX).

It's no secret that penny stocks can be one of the most lucrative places to invest your money, but researching and understanding the mechanics of how all the parts fit together is what sets AimHighProfits apart, the only group warning investors about the GOFF scam that could cause them to go broke overnight.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.