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Top 5 Tips When Investing In Stocks

1- Emotions
Never put emotions when dealing with stocks because the outcome will be crucial and devastating. We don't want to sell the stocks we just bought just se you lost some money or the market had a downward. Why? because you have to invest with your mind and not with your heart in order to really start making some money and that's what we all want to see.
2- Buy A Company Not A Stock
When buying stocks don't think of them as just stocks, but think of them as you buying a part of a company that you are going to hold for your beneficial, therefore you want something positive. Look for a company that is going up and avoid the ones going down or up and down, unless you want to keep the company for a while instead of the long run.
3- What Defines A Great Company
1.) Return on investment
2.) Sales (Revenue) rate
3.) Earnings per share (NYSEARCA:EPS)
4.) Equity (book value) rate
5.)Free cash flow growth rate
You want a company with 20% or more per year for most of the companies years since opening. Also you want a company with little or no debt, but if they do that it seems fair and that they will pay it in a short amount of time.
When buying a company look for an industry you enjoy and are passionate about (i.e. if you like restaurants you should buy a restaurant that you find interesting and not something you don't like and just bought it because it seemed right (emotions). Instead if you buy something your really passionate about you will soon find yourself wanting to learn more and more about that company and it's news as you learn about it, therefore you will be desperate to see what's new the next day and now the latest news.
5- Learn To Lose Money
Learning to lose money is one of the hardest things to learn when being an investor for most of us. So let me tell you right now there is not a single company that will go upward and never lose money, but that doesn't matter because as long as you lose a little, but gain more that's perfect. Learn to lose for the beneficial of gaining more and you will soon find to wanting to lose money.
So follow this simple to use tips and you will find yourself in the path of what a real investor is all about and gaining money just how you always wanted and dreamed about. Also never think of negative things, but look at the bright side and how you made a real beneficial investment by doing your homework on analysing/studying your company.
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