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Couple Of Updates On The Stock I've Written About:

$PIP - The lawsuit against SIGA can proceed now, with the judge ruling next whether the award to PIP is $280m or $320m + post judgment interest. The difference is roughly $1/sh. Since a creditor cte has been formed, PIP will be getting another lawfirm to fight for its interests. I'm curious whom they chose, and whether it will remove some of the being "outlawyered" concerns.

$PGNX - revealed additional detail on their economics from the Relistor deal with SLXP. New pieces of information were: royalties go up to 17% above $100m. That's a fairly low hurdle. Also, sales milestones start to kick in at $100m in revenue. Also a low hurdle. Even though the stock has been selling off for some reason, the new pieces of information only increase the DCF value of PGNX.

Disclosure: The author is long PIP, PGNX.