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HP Is Going To Report Inline Revenue And Earnings In 2Q14

There was a report by WSJ to say that Analysts in Citi to predict HP to report lower than projected 27.4B revenue in 1Q14 due to results reported by NetApp. I believe this is not the case, if there is anything else, HP will report revenue more than 27.4B ( more like 28.1B) due to the following reasons: HP's personal computer division and Enterprise Division both have higher revenue vs. a year ago as reported ( or just a projection) by IDC. With their new business in Cloud, Phablet ( Phone and Tablet combine) and enterprise security software, all of them are adding to the new revenue. NetApp is majored in the storage business, their traditional HDD storage is not the same as those supplied by HP (hardware also include eMMC SDD plus software securities ). Yesterday (20/2014), Lenovo reported record profits for the quarter; you can infer that PC, Tablet plus cell phone business are not in a decline, even for HP.

Disclosure: I am long HPQ.