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MU Price Is Pump And Dump Again Today And Lately

It is also reported that MU CEO Mark Durcan will be presenting at Sanford Bernstein conference today 5/28/2014. Therefore those analysts would predict Durcan will reveal something about MU's revenue or profit prospective. But that is pure speculation: companies never reveal any financial statement in these kinds of conference. We already knew that the DRAM chip price has gone down from the first quarter and also has since firmed up somewhat; but NAND price had gone down and has yet to firm up so far. Thus, it is expected that MU 2Q14 revenue is down from 1Q14, so will be the profit ( as it is shown in, MU analysts estimation). Thus, there is no impetus for the MU stock to continue to rise; especially 3Q14 prediction is about the same as that in 2Q14. Only those analysts insist that they knew something others don't, and continue to raise the MU price target ( as well as SNDK's price target). Granted that the NAND demand has increased substantially ( about 40%/year in the next year or two) due to new applications such as storage and cloud, but there are so many players and suppliers, the unit price is not seen to be up substantially, as evident in the market place. The exorbitant stock target price such as SNDK suggested by the analysts are bound to crash down sooner or later.

Disclosure: I am long MU.