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RIM- The Turn-Around Story

|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

As we all have heard day after day, month after month, RIM is dead. Sell the company,sell the handsets, sell the patents, etc. If you've invested in RIM when the stock was $60+ you're feeling a bit sour. Well, suck it up. It's the stock market. How many of these investors own a BlackBerry? How many support the company? How many of these investors own a multi-billion dollar company, paved the way for every smart phone on the market, and went through a re-structuring to secure the next ten years?

We all know there has been mis-managment within the past year. Managment has changed as well as the transparency of the company. Blame is not being passed from one person or division to another. There's new blood and a new attitude. The course is set and it's full steam ahead.

Through out the past year, RIM has been aquiring several key companies to build their new platform. Aside from QNX, TAT, RIM also purchased Paratek, whose technology will allow larger for amounts of data to be transmitted and received while using less battery power. These are just a few of the many companies acquired for the new platform.

Building this new platform from ground up is obviously going to take time. The iPhone was in development for three years before hitting the market. BB10 has now been in development for about one and a half years. Granted, with all the issues in the recently, the past year and a half seems like eternity!

But don't count the company out just yet. They innovated, defined and created this market once, they can surely do it again. They have the knowledge, ability and patents to show for it. When BB10 does emerge,it will be the freshest platform on the market, leaving all the others as antiquated.

RIM has this one chance to do this. Give them the chance, but to call for the sale of the company before the restructuring is complete is downright ridiculous. Wait for the release of BB10, and go from there.

Disclosure: I am long RIMM.