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Brazilian Real Estate Market - Where To Invest

The Brazilian real estate market is not yet losing it power. All state capitals grew consistently since 2009, and the enhancement of national new homes was about 30% per year, without clear evidence of a slowdown.

In contrast, for the first time since the beginning of the series, there was a decrease in prices of new homes and used in some districts of São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro. This data is not yet available to Recife, which appears in the survey for the first time. "This indicates that the market will move from higher to lower, and an accommodation is inevitable," says the specialist.

Where to Invest?

The EZ TEC Participações SA ("EZTEC" or "Company") stands out as one of the most profitable companies in the sector of construction and development in Brazil, with a margin of 39% in 2004, 40% in 2005, 45 % in 2006, 41% in 2007, 37% in 2008, 32% in 2009 and 38% in 2010. The Company is also one of the largest developers and builders of residential units in São Paulo, based on the PSV, according to EMBRAESP.

EZTEC is divided into three business units: Incorporation, which is prospecting and developing projects that anticipate market trends,Engineering and Construction, which guarantees the quality and delivery of projects within and Real Estate, responsible for the maintenance of strong sales of speeds their enterprises. EZTEC also provides funding to its own customers, and managing its portfolio of trade receivables and strategic focus.

The experience, flexibility and competence of Company allows you to anticipate market trends and adjust your portfolio in order to meet different demands for housing in Sao Paulo, the price ranges between Standard and Super-High Economic Standard.Throughout its history, has released since units with floor area of 42 square meters in peripheral units to over 1000 square meters in the suburbs, always according to market demands and seeking to maintain its profitability.

Of the enterprises that launched in 2010, EZTEC 49% of the units sold in first month after launch and 78% after six months of release. The Company believes that the pace of sales of its units and results from the recognition of the strength of its brand "EZTEC", which has credibility with their clients, land owners, suppliers and other companies.

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