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Interview With The Director: Moxian Group Holdings, Inc. (MOXG)

TWST: Let's start out with a quick overview of Moxian.

Mr. Lin: We noticed that the existing method for merchant clients to reach out to their customers is evolving. This is why we came up with Moxian. Moxian is a social media platform that aims to connect users and merchants. Moxian has two parts, essentially two different platforms in one. The first one is the business platform, which allows merchants to leverage the platform and give them an online presence within Moxian so that their consumers can visit the merchant website via Moxian.

We are also providing a customer relationship management system for merchants. This is where the merchants can look at their customer data. In order for merchants to use this, they will have to distribute MO-Points, which is a currency used on Moxian. MO-Points are electronic points where registered users use to play games and win prizes on the MO-Reward platform. Merchants also will be able to see the customer spending behavior on the platform itself.

The other platform is the social networking portal. Customers use this social networking portal to post lifestyle updates, such as posting pictures of friends and family. In doing so, they're rewarded with MO-Points. These points can be used in our MO-Reward platform, which consists of MO-Bid, MO-Chess and MO-Grab. All these things entitle users to win prizes, such as an iPad or other items that may be put up from time to time.

TWST: What is the overall game plan over the next 24 months?

Mr. Lin: The overall game plan is that we plan to sign up about 1.5 million merchants across Asia, with a large portion of it coming from China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We also have new marketing tactics that we will be pushing in areas to acquire users. We have actually set up and strategically mobilized the promotional vehicles to universities around Malaysia to sign up new users. We are estimating our users to grow to approximately 20 million registered users over the next two years. With these users, we will be approaching large merchants, such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds, to help these merchants better understand who actually consumes their products.

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