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Pacific Biosciences Of California Is Due For A Pullback In 2016

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PACB has had a monster run that will come to an end in 2016.

The stock price has increased almost 70% in 2015 and more than tripled off of its 52-week low.

The company has poor fundamentals and may need to raise capital soon.

Pacific Biosciences (NASDAQ:PACB) is likely to drop a lot in 2016.

I am not an expert on emerging technologies. I have no idea what the next big scientific breakthrough will be. I have little understanding of what exactly Pacific Bio does (SMRT sequencing). However, none of that matters when the fundamentals and technicals are so out of line.

Let's go to to pull up the chart and do a simple run-through of some basic value metrics for Pacific Bio. Book Value per share of 0.55, Cash per share of 0.76, EPS next year expected by analysts to be -0.85, and the stock is currently trading at 13.10 with a market cap of $1 billion. With numbers like this, a capital raise and dilution event is quite possible next year.

PACB recent chart (from

If you look at the price action and technicals, it's even crazier. Only 3 months ago the stock was trading below 4. Now it's over 13. Each of the past 3 months has seen a period of 5-6 days of a roughly 30% or more increase in price. Most stocks do not sustain such a rally over the next few months. The 14-period RSI is currently at 76, which is overbought. Add that to the recent run and poor fundamentals and you have a stock that is likely to tumble over the next 3 months and probably the rest of 2016 as well.

PACB may be a disruptive innovator in its field. Some people may be pricing it based on future market share. But this is a flawed approach which leads to pie in the sky valuation models. Technology changes rapidly and competition is never that easy. If the company continues to lose money, especially considering the recent run and current fundamentals, it's not a good sign for the stock next year.

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