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The most wonderful christmas day gift - iPhone & iPad 2

Everybody knows December 25 is the Christmas Day. It is one of the most important traditional holidays in our country. It is a day to express love and celebrate harvest for everyone who cares for you and everyone special to you! So do you have chosen a gift for your parents or other people? Or what is your most anticipated Christmas Day gift?
Recently, foreign media survey of consumers in the most anticipated Christmas Day gift, the final results show that Apple is definitely the big winner. Those surveyed, 39 percent said they expect holiday gift iPhone 4S, while 31% said they expect the iPad 2. 17% of those surveyed said they would like to receive Kindle Fire, 13% of people looking for a gift is Xbox Kinect.
With the escalating war in the flat panel market, customers can choose the range has increased considerably, but the survey found that 65% of consumers want to be in the upcoming festival on a plate as a gift received, and iPad 2 is the number of plates they most want to receive. Amazon Kindle Fire and push the new Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet flat little impact, only 24% of those surveyed would like to receive Kindle Fire, while 11% said they would like to receive Nook Tablet.
If you have received this survey, then what is you most looking forward to Christmas Day gift?

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