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Australian Farmland Investments - One of the Best Global Deals out there!

As global stock markets continue to gyrate, its worth noting that there ARE investment opportunities out there that can be profitable, secure and uncorrelated to equities.  One of these is farmland investments, i.e. direct ownership of agricultural land.  This type of investment pays high current income, is a great play on continued high agricultural commodity prices, is uncorrelated to equities and is a great inflation hedge.  One of the best deals in this area is in Australian farmland.

The nice thing is these types of direct farmland investment opportunities have opened up to retail investors!!  Here is an article on Australian farmland - Between Jim Rogers and those investors from the UK, that's well over $1 billion being invested in Australian farmland alone. Prices are quite cheap there - only about US$600-700/acre, compared with US$10,000 give or take for prime farmland in the US or UK. Yields are a good bit less, but under an apples to apples comparison of yield per acre, US/UK is three times the price of Aussie farmland. Don't know why this asset class does not get more attention, but its a great investment from both an income and capital gains perspective!