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SmallCap Newtork Coverage on BBLU

Blue Earth (OTC: BBLU)

Blue Earth is an interesting and off the radar lighting play. Specifically, Blue Earth’s founders are undertaking a roll-up type of mergers and acquisition strategy in order to acquire, license, develop, market, install and monitor clean tech related technologies and energy management systems. Blue Earth is targeting companies with technologies that are designed for a specific customer or facility in the company’s target market of small commercial business and residential customers who want to improve the efficiency of various building systems such as refrigeration, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning and heating. On the lighting side, Blue Earth has acquired the exclusive private label and manufacturing rights to a patented lighting controls technology that is based on distributed intelligence and embeds a microprocessor to control the “switch” inside a fluorescent ballast. This microprocessor then controls each individual fluorescent tube in either an “on/off” state by using the existing wall switch to send instructions to the “smart ballast.” Moreover, each fluorescent tube can be optionally controlled by a wireless device (such as a computer) in order to control a network of lights at a facility. Since Blue Earth also owns Castrovilla, Inc., which has an energy efficiency retrofit model and is expected to generate more than $20 million in revenues plus EBITDA in excess of $3 million in 2012, along with Xnergy, a provider of energy solutions which includes the design and implementation of energy savings projects, it has a ready market of customers for its lighting projects. On Monday, Blue Earth fell 3.33% to $1.45 (BBLU has a 52 week trading range of $0.81 to $2.30 a share) for a market cap of $27 million.