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Last Seven Days Worth Of Precipitation. One Word: Amazing! (:CROP DAMAGE:)

|Includes: CORN, GE, GLD, JPM, SFD, SLV, Teucrium Soybean Fund (SOYB), SPY, USO

Last seven days worth of precipitation. One word: Amazing!

Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas have seen between 16 and 8 inches of rain in the last seven days.

These areas are guaranteed to have stunted growth, if not severe damage to the crops.


Other states with dark, medium, and light green have had between 8 and 2 inches of rain.

These areas will be somewhat slowed, and more likely of damage in the dark green areas.


Farmers usually pray for 1 inch of rain a week. Given this much rain that we have had, I bet the farmers are sick and tied of rain. Especially when so much sunlight has been blocked during the most important growing period.


We see the soybean crop being estimated at 2.9 billion instead of the 3.3 billion everyone thinks.