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Russia preparing for war - - - Combat readiness of the forces in the Caucasus


Russia preparing for war

Oroszország készül a háborúra


In Syria and Iran because of political unrest around the increased pace of Russia conducted by military forces in the south, the Caspian, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean surroundings.
The Nyezaviszimaja Gazeta source, the Kremlin has information out there that soon, the "X days" one of Iran's nuclear facilities against the scourge of her sent to the Persian government against US-Israeli aggression.
In this case, can not be ruled out that Tehran would respond to that even a widespread outbreak of war may lead.
This raises the topic of today's EU-Russia summit in Brussels is to attend President Dmitry Medvedev.
In any case, the spirit of the preparations have been "optimized" Armenia is located in the 102nd Russian military base. The family members of military service shipped to Russia, Russian troops stationed Gümriben confirmed as Russian sources said that Turkey expected from the direction of the U.S. strike against Iran.
December 1 to put into full combat readiness of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Russian troops are stationed. Deposited into the permanent combat readiness Izberbasban (Dagestan), stationed in, Left-E missiles, missile-equipped divisions. Mahacskala near Astrakhan, and the transfer of missile forces is taking place. The Black Sea Fleet of Russia in the Georgian territorial waters near the maneuvering, since it is conceivable that Georgia's anti-Iran forces on the side connected to the war.
Yuri Nyetkacsov Russian military expert - formerly the South Caucasus, Russian forces deputy commander - that if Georgia continues to block the Armenian, Russian troops after the replacement, in this case, Moscow's military force, to have recourse to "break through the Georgian transport blockade," and corridor to create Armenia ( Russian troops in Armenia is by air supply and Iran (oil, food) solved).
As for Azerbaijan, although the country is notoriously bad relationship with Iran, and the huge increase in military spending in recent years, mostly purchased from the Israeli military technology, it is not expected to Baku an active role in the war against Iran.
Vladimir Popov, expert of the Karabakh war, the armaments program student of Azerbaijan is not excluded that a shadow war against Iran, Azerbaijan (and possibly Turkey) attacks on Armenia to recover under the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. In this case, the Russian-Armenian air defense is able to destroy Azerbaijan (and Turkish) invaders. Russia certainly does not participate in a Karabakh war, but if he were to achieve Azerbaijan and Armenia in Turkish attack, the attacker of the Russian army is confronted.

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