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Why Self-Esteem Insights are a Key Step to Personal Development

All of us benefits by purposeful steps that focus on strengthening self-esteem. Self-development is each personal responsibility. Each of us must take control.
Where do you start? Begin with one of 5 Key Insights. They support establishing a plan for personal development, and the first step is to identify  your priority. What areas are causing you problems the most. You have to start  somewhere, so attack the most significant problem first.
Ask yourself, 'If I could improve in one vital area in the next 90 days, what would it be?' This insight focuses on the fact that life is a journey. There are any number of things all of us need to get better at or become more confident than we are today. What would help the most right now? You have heard this before, "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!"
There is also sound, basic, strategic significance to starting with the most troublesome problem. If you can make progress on what is bothering you the most, it releases your energy and focus to deal with other areas. The toughest problems are the ones that bring you down, They sap your energy and self-confedence. They tie you up and create inaction. You get frozen in the "bad feelings zone." So, attacking the most troubling personal self-esteem inhibitor is the right place to start.
Establishing a 90 Day Plan is a solid first step. True, you will not always be able to  over-come the most difficult problems in 90 days, that is not the point. The point is this, you need to take action now. You need to start with a short-term improvement plan that gets you moving in the right direction. Then, having made progress, and gained a sense of self-worth because you took positive steps, you can begin to put together a longer term plan. Start with a 90 day goal and build a plan of action around it.
You have identified the troubling issue. Next you have to some research on resources for this type of problem. For  3-4 weeks, you journal the times, places and circumstances where the problem creates the negative  feelings or lack of self-confidence. For the next 90 days, you resolve to face these situations in a different way. You have a plan that says something like this, "when I find myself in [such-and-such] a situation, I will take control and act in the following way [be specific]." For example, suppose you have feelings of shyness when meeting new people for the first time. You might resolve to be prepared with 3 legitimate questions that you will the new contact. This can take pressure off of  you. Maybe you say, "what is your line of work? How long have you been doing this? What are the biggest challenges you have to deal with? That's it. You were prepared. You aksed the questions and got the other person talking. You did not have to carry the conversation. People love to talk about themselves. If you get the other person talking first, the pressure is off of you. You will then feel more comfortable when inter-acting with people.
The bottom line is to start with the big problem. Do some research and put together action steps that allow you to plan ahead as to how to deal with your issue. Then, recognize the situations that cause you to have to confront a problem and execute your plan. At the end of 90 days, revise your plan. Bring in new ideas and then move forward another 90 days. Now, you are in control.
Self-esteem insights are all about self-knowledge. You must be inwardly focused to become outwardly self-confident in your daily life. What are you thinking about that gives you anxiety. What situations are you feeling a lack of self-confidence? The more self-esteem we have the more balanced and productive our lives. We have identified 5 Key Insights that will undoubtedly help anyone to gain a strategy for improvement. This first we discussed here, identify your most pressing problem. The other 4 might surprise you...

To find out more about all 5 Self-Esteem Insights, visit and review all 5 Key Insights.
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