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Blind Joe

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When it comes to investing I feel very underqualified and overwhelmed. I imagine I am not the only one with these sentiments so to all those alike, you may be interested and to those not alike, I hope you can guide and provide. As a husband and father of two with a bachelors and somewhat fresh masters degree, with a generously paying job and hefty loan and residual debt payment from my college days. I find somehow I actually do have a little cash left over and wonder, should I go buy that fancy self propelled lawn mower and manly tree eating chainsaw that I will probably use only once or maybe twice if that unlucky. No I think am ready to learn and explore something new; saving, investing, and being financially smart. So with $400 to start I begin reading about stocks, bonds, gold, options, etc. I am hunting diligently for a place to put my money and gain two things: knowledge and if its meant to be a profit or growth. I have considered ETF, DRPs, or waiting to save up more to invest, and then that brings me back to my first sentence. So if you had $400 or a small amount as such, what would you do?