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The Millennials Side-Hustle

I will probably lose some followers for writing this blog post, but so be it. Over the weekend, I listened to an awesome Tom Ashbrook podcast: The Necesssity of the Millennial Side-Hustle. Tom interviews three guests and discusses why the "side-hustle" means more than extra income to this generation. Catherine Baab-Muguira, who wrote Millennials are obsessed with the side-hustle back in July 2016, for Quartz, articulates some great points. Incidentally, I too attended Babson College while earning my MBA, at night, and I can attest that entrepreneurship in the water there.

Anyway, I listen to a lot of podcasts, when I can find the time, but thought this was a really cool topic. Since I work full time as a commercial credit analyst for a Fortune 500 energy company, I too have "side-hustle", which is Seeking Alpha. As some of my long term readers may have noticed, I wrote a lot more during Q1 2017. However, I don't just write for some extra cash, as my earnings from SA are disclosed below. I write because I love sharing ideas and interacting with readers.

If some of my readers are interested in the topic, I highly recommend spending the 45 minutes to listen. As it is often worthwhile to spend some time for expansionary mind nourishment, like offbeat podcasts. Finally, I am not sure how many people read instablogs, as SA doesn't have the same tracking tools, so drop me a line if you liked or disliked the podcast.