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Why I'm Bottomfishing With A Lottery Ticket, CWET.

About 20 years of investing tells me we are on thin ice with the market pushing over DJIA 13000. I see too many danger signs in too many stocks to stay long over 40% right now.

But the game is still there to be played every day for an ol'trader that I guess has to have something to do (or call it "getting his fix").

Putting my game together for the next few months which is the real danger zone in my view has brought me to an interesting risk/reward ratio in a almost junk stock. But, here goes my reasoning.

I have watched this for a technical bottom, with oversold compression, which lets an investor know news has been stale. Also looking for a risk in this position of no more than than 20% but a reward of at least 200%. Yes I said 200%, and remember I did say lottery ticket.

Now the story is good with CWET as a proven technology, needed future energy needs cheaply produced, no carbon footprint, and huge job creation for years.

Only one slight problem though. Can a few million dollar micro cap finance or create an alliance with somebody for a multi Billion dollar construction project. That problem is why I bought some of .03 CWET, Clean Wind Energy Tower.

If they can come up with Government backing, which is not completely ruled out with today's Clean Energy news by the White House or, ally with some well funded corporate synergy, this will instantly prove a workable investment.

Penny stocks are not normal investments for this investor but after the DNDN, FB, ZNGA, ARNA, HALO, KCG, and even CSCO nightmares of late I am going to walk on a different path until the "JAWS" theme quits pounding in my head.

Looking at potential decent return on any good news but think the downside is no more dangerous that the SPY long is right now.. Disclaimer I am long CWET and willing to ride with it till Dec. 31.