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Windows 8: Love It Or Hate It!

It's only a matter of few weeks before the commercial launch of windows 8 operating system. In fact, Windows has already shipped out its windows 8 OS out to retail stores. Coming October, you can expect to see Windows 8 on every new laptop and desktop computer up for sale. However, to most people, the look and feel of the final version of Windows 8 is still a mystery, despite the fact that many have downloaded and tried out Windows 8 consumer preview. That's because Microsoft had not yet finalized a design for Windows 8. Though, Windows is not only popular for home use but is just as popular for commercial use. With this is mind, Microsoft has in no way deserted the needs of businesses in its Windows 8 design, to play it safe, Microsoft has incorporated some of the good stuff from Windows 7 and also added new features never seen in previous Windows OS versions.

While every individual has their own opinion about what they like or hate about Windows 8, the following opinions are from IT experts who have tested out Windows 8 thoroughly.

Starting up Windows 8, final version for the first time:

The Pros: Windows 8 boots up very quickly. In fact, Microsoft has impressed majority of Windows 8 users and has exceeded their expectations. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it will take a few seconds before you get from power up to desktop. Windows 8 is not only fast, but is also a lot safer to use when compared to its predecessors. Microsoft has integrated it with a feature known as Trusted Boot which is engineered to block malware from sneaking into your computer during critical moments.

The Cons: If you are planning to purchase a machine preloaded with Windows 8, you may not be able to run other operating systems on that machine. So if you are planning to install Linux or XP on your new machine, don't even bother. Machines running on windows 8 will be integrated with UEFI which blocks other operating systems from working alongside Windows 8.

Security and Management:

Pros: Windows 8 comes with all the security features one can simply expect Microsoft to deliver. With Windows 8, you can, without issues, join domains and network with active directories. Furthermore, it comes with built-in antimalware software; however, other third-party anti-malware software developers are developing their software to be fully compatible with Windows 8.

Cons: Folder locking in windows 8 is another issue in Windows 8. Though Windows 8 comes with Bit Locker to encrypt your data, utilizing these features is not practically possible for the average computer user, as Bit Locker is complicated to use and is fairly slow. Third party software like Folder Lock 7 provides better, faster data locking and encryption as compared to Bit Locker. Best of all this software is fully compatible with Windows 8 and with its user-friendly interface users can easily utilize its additional features.

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