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Weird Yet Creative USB Drive Designs

Invented 11 years ago, the USB format had changed the way we use our personal computers today. The USB design has become a success because its capability to work with a whole host of PC peripherals. Over the years, manufacturers of these peripherals realized what can be manufactured to work with USB Ports. Today, you can see an assortment of USB compatible devices, such as USB fans, USB mobile phone chargers, USB transfer cables and USB computer mice. However, one of the most utilized USB Compatible devices is of course the USB flash drive or USB storage device. These handy little data storage devices are must have computer peripherals for any PC or Mac user. Over the years, their popularity has risen, and as a result, manufacturers have gotten creative in designing these miniature storage devices. The following is a list of one of the weirdest USB flash storage devices invented:

Sushi USB

Do you like Japanese food? If you plan on eating that with a pair of chop sticks, you must be able to save data on it, that's because no other elucidation can simply exist for camouflaging a USB Storage device in the form of Japanese food. Though, you may have to control urges of constantly gnawing on your sushi shaped USB device. Nevertheless, it's guaranteed that your USB device won't look like anyone else's.

Cute Kitty USB

Do you like cats, cute little kitty cats to be exact? With these Hello Kitty USB storage devices, what more could you want, these little cute toy cat/USB storage devices fill the void of having a toy cat to play around with, while at the same time giving you the flexibility to transfer large chunks of data from PC-to-PC. It can make for a great gift, surely when you need to impress your girlfriend or wife. So go ahead, feel free to play around and let your imagination run wild.

The Holy Cross USB

Do you love Jesus? Then the Holy Cross USB is a surefire way to show your love for God. Using this device will remind you of God every time you use it.

The Bottle Opener USB Device

Have you ever been in a situation when you couldn't find a bottle opener and "needed to take the edge off" with some alcohol? Well, we've all been there at one point or another. Introducing, the Bottle opener USB device, with its stainless steel design, its strong enough to open even the most stubborn of caps. So next time you're ready to get wasted and can't find a bottle opener, just look near your computer table.

A more serious matter:

Though these USB devices may look funny and amusing, losing them is no laughing matter. That's because the data stored on these devices can easily be accessed by anyone, and if your storage device ends up in the hands of criminals, it's likely that your personal information could be compromised, leading to crimes like identity theft and or theft of intellectual property. Therefore, it's best to protect your private data with USB Security Software.

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