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Data Security Products: Who Needs It And Why

There's a saying "everything comes with a price" The term "price" does not necessarily have a monetary value, it could be a tangible, or can have certain consequences. Remember, life is not all honky dory; everything you do will have a reaction. For example when you watch TV, you pay the price for the electricity consumed by that TV, you get from point A to B only if you have a certain amount of fuel in your car needed for that trip, you can surf on the internet, only if you pay for broadband services. The list can go on and on. Though, when it comes to data security, most people believe they are on the safe side and don't have to pay the price. In fact, they believe they have nothing to lose, that's where they are wrong. The fact of the matter is that you are always at risk of falling prey to data thieves. The rule of thumb to go by is: if you use a computer then you need data security software. To better comprehend the consequences related to unsecured data, you'll need to imagine yourself in the following scenarios:

You're Neighbor - The Identity thief:

You are an average PC user, not knowing much about wifi security. Your next door neighbor Joe is a well known identity thief. You've caught him twice ransacking your dumpster, looking for documents related to your identity. Though, now you are more vigilant than ever before and have installed CCTV cameras in front of your dumpster. However, you being oblivious about data security have left your wifi connection unsecured. Seizing this opportunity, your neighbor manages to get access to your credit card's e-statements through your unsecured LAN connection without you ever finding out. A few months later you get a call from a collection agency, demanding a payment of $10,000 in credit card bills. Had you protected your e-statements with data locking or data encryption software, you wouldn't be facing this problem.

The Teenager and his X-rated content:

Being a teenager you have natural urges, one of these urges is of course watching x-rated videos, can you blame yourself? No, you're a teenager and you do what comes naturally. However, it's likely that you've stored all your lewd content on your computer's hard drive. One day, your father comes into your room, he starts up your computer, runs a search for porn and viola, your vulgar content turns up in the search results. You come home and you get lecture by your father in front of your siblings and your mother, thus leading to a huge embarrassment in front of your entire family. Had you locked and Hidden your pornographic media with a data security softwares, such as Folder Lock, you could of not only locked your media but also would of hidden it away from prying eyes of your father. With this situation reversed, your father walks in your room, conducts a search on your computer but finds nothing, since you have locked and hidden your porn files.

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