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Toshiba Satellite S955, A Great Business Laptop

Is your business expanding? With growing business comes increased work load, meaning you'll have to invest more in your business which includes investing in reliable, performance orientated equipment that will help you run your business smoothly and more efficiently. Not having the proper or reliable equipment can end up backfiring which usually has a direct influence your business's bottom line! Perhaps one of the most important tools for running any business is having a reliable notebook. Therefore, investing in decent laptop-computer should be the first step before all others.

That being said, shopping around for a new notebook can be a daunting task to say the least. Choosing between different manufacturers and notebook specifications can lead to confusion, if you don't know what to look for. Therefore, before you head out and start looking/shopping around for a new laptop, its best to read reviews on various different business laptops, failure to do your research can ending up costing you. Start by reading articles and reviews pertaining to business laptops on various different websites on the internet, such as Cnet, PC world, PC Magazine and Computer world. However, being a business owner means you rarely have time to spare on reading several articles comparing different types of notebook computers. So, if you like many others are not picky in terms of a favorite manufacturer? Then purchasing a Toshiba notebook computer is the safest bet.

Noted for their utmost reliability, Toshiba Satellite S series are worth a look. Available for sale on October 26, the Toshiba Satellite S955 is regarded as a highly favorable ultra-book and seems like a sensible choice for any business owner. With its large display and impressive specifications, the S955 certainly capable of taking up any processing challenges you throw at it. With a 15.6 inch display, it weighs only 5 pounds, boasting a brushed aluminum look; the laptop has a very premium feel and look to say the least. Keys on the keyboard are widely spaced that makes for easy typing, the touch pad is also exceptionally wide making way for effortless navigation. Overall the keyboard has a very clean and neat look which makes typing a less of a chore. The S955 has been labeled an Ultra-book. However, most critics disagree, due to the fact that it doesn't meet the specification benchmarks needed to be classified as an ultra-book.

The S955 will come preloaded with windows 8 and many Toshiba applications; however, the notebook won't come preloaded with any business data encryption and or locking software. Therefore, it's best to purchase a Data Security Softwares from third-party before you start saving sensitive business related data on your new laptop. The S955 comes standard with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, an HDMI, DVD player/burner and a Bluetooth 4.0. Consumers are offered two processor types, Core i5 ULV or AMD A8 with 8 gigabytes of ram and 750 gigabytes of storage space which can be enough to meet the performance and data storage requirements for most small business owners.

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