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Dell Precision M6600 An Excellent PC WorkstationDell Precision M6600 An Excellent PC Workstation

Looking to replace your bulky desktop with something more portable yet with comparable processing power? Then you should look into purchasing a workstation. Workstations should not be confused with business laptops which are considered a different breed of portable computers. Even though workstations look, behave, and perform basically the same tasks, workstations are more powerful and advanced than your average business laptop. Long gone is the age of customized workstations, that's because today workstations easily meet or exceed the performance expectations necessary to get the job done. In order to be considered a Workstation, a certain benchmark standards have to be met, and rising above others in its class, the Dell Precision M6600 has proven to be a true workstation. The M6600 comes with an impressive display, boasting an imposing 17.3 inch RGB LED - Backlit IPS screen that has impressive color conformity. The display screen supports pen based touch also; this feature enables users to get creative with applications such as Adobe illustrator as well as other supported software.

The Graphics on the M6600 don't disappoint either, equipped with an Nvidia Quadro 4000M, it has no trouble handling high dentition videos. Though, the M6600 is not considered a gaming laptop, playing the latest PC games shouldn't be a challenge for it, as you can expect to get decent frame rates on most high-end games. Speakers and sound quality can't be considered perfect, but they are adequate for anyone who wants to listen to music, as the sound goes high enough to annoy anyone sitting in an another room. However, the speakers lack a good bass sound which can be a little disappointing if you're into listening rap.

Integrated with quad-core Intel Core i7-2920XM Processing power is exceptional by all means, there's no processing task it can't handle. Assuming a powerful processor comes with a price - faster battery consumption, that's not the case with the M6600. The battery on this beast is expected to last a whopping 4 hours 30 minutes under normal operating conditions. The M6600 comes equipped with Windows 7 Ultimate, and some preloaded apps from dell. However, if you're strictly using it for business related task, then its best to purchase third-party data security softwares that has features like data encryption and folder locking.

With abundance of 5 USB ports, you can feel free to plug in a host of USB devices; the M6600 is also equipped with an eSATA port, VGA, HDMI and a display port. Though, all this brawn comes with a hefty price, prepare to shell out around $5,700. Moreover, this workstation weights a hefty 9 pounds, 3 ounces; it's recommended you purchase a nice comfortable carrying case for it in order to avoid sore shoulders, if you're planning to travel with it. The M6600 is equipped with dual 256 hard drives, giving you plenty of storage space to work with. If you can look past the price and the weight, then it's easier to appreciate the features that it has to offer. Getting desktop performance in a portable package doesn't deserve to be underappreciated.

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