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Dell Latitude E6430S, An Excellent Ultra Book Alternative

These days' business laptops are becoming a thing of the past, and the reason behind their downfall is due to their declining value compared to a new class of laptops - The Ultra books. These Ultra books are called "Ultra books" for a reason, they are slim, flexible and weight next to nothing, what's more is that they have pretty much the same configurations compared to the conventional business laptop.

As a result, they have gained massive popularity in a short-time frame. Nonetheless, ultra books are still in their infancy and sometimes lack basic features such as a CD/DVD player/burner. Therefore, for many, purchasing an ultra book may not be a practical solution. However, for those truly interested in ultra book like portability and flexibility without having to sacrifice living without basic features such as a CD/DVD player, there's a solution. The Dell Latitude E6430S is considered a true business laptop with ultra book like design.

We'll discuss more about the design later, but first let's move on to the technical specification arena, the Latitude E6430S comes with several processor options, these include Intel Core i5-3360M (2.8GHz); Core i3 and i7 Options. The Latitude E6430S is quite similar to the E6530, though the E6430S is generally considered lighter, smaller and thus, more portable. Packed with 6GB of ram, its boasts enough storage capacity to handle a multitude of tasks, making it a favorite amongst multitasking, busy executives.

Two display options are available on this model, a 14 inch and 15.6 inch screen. By default our test model came with an Intel HD Graphics 4000, though if you're work requires you to work with sophisticated graphics, then you can upgrade to Nvidia NVS 5200M graphics card. Storage capacity on this model doesn't disappoint either, integrated with a 750GB hard-drive; you'll never run out of storage space. However, if you don't need that much space, a hard-drive with lesser capacity is also an available option at a lesser price, of course.

So finally, let's discuss the layout and design of the Latitude E6430S. The E6430S boasts a non-nonsense look, with a subtle design, giving it a classic business laptop look. Opening the lid, you get a sense of how sturdy the design is on the model. However, you may too easily confuse it with a different class of laptops designed for their ruggedness, so that they could be used outdoors and under hostile conditions - don't make that mistake, although its sturdy, it's not build to be used outdoors. Our tested model came in grey color giving it an understated but serious look.

Moving on to the question of operating system, Dell has disappointed its customers by integrating it with Windows 7, despite the fact that Windows 8 now comes standard on all new laptops. Pre-installed data security software on this laptop is basic and substandard to say the least. Documents such as e-statements, company product schematics, customer lists are all hot data, usually under the radar of hackers and data thieves. Such documents should be fortified using third party data security software such as Folder Lock Lite.

Weighing at a hefty 4.4 pounds, you truly get a sense that this is no ultra book. Typing on the keyboard feels natural, and the keyboards are adequately spaced apart, making any typing task, a less of a chore. What's more is that there's also an extended battery option on this model, though, it add additional pounds to its already bulky size and weight.

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