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Consider Buying Silver, Today

Today's world is facing a time of uncertainty and unrest. Locally, nationally, and across the globe we are in a time of financial crisis and political change. The U.S. dollar is weakening on the international level. Inflation is being talked about, as is recession. In times like these, investing in precious metals, especially buying silver, makes sense.

Why Buy Silver

Why consider buying silver? Silver holds its value as other assets lose theirs. Not susceptible to projected earnings or other reports like stocks, silver is tangible and its value endures during rough market times. Likewise, silver is a perfect precious metal to include in a diversified portfolio, a silver Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or for the small-time investor, because of its affordable pricing and ready availability as silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins.

The Scarcity of Silver and Growing Demand

Most of the silver available in the ground has already been extracted. This means that silver is a scarce commodity. At the same time, the demand for silver is growing, from the technology, water purification, aerospace, and other manufacturing fields. Silver is used in medical applications, for water purification, solar energy projects, and electronics. Currently about 95% of the demand for silver comes from industries; that demand is projected to increase. Additionally, the vast majority of this silver is non-recoverable once it has been used.

For the investor who has bought silver, especially silver bullion, their investment stands to gain a great deal of value as the price of silver increases in response to growing demand and as the availability of silver shrinks.

Buy Silver, Now

Right now, silver is not only affordable, but many experts believe that it is seriously undervalued. Now is the right time for the first time investor and the experienced investor to buy silver, especially silver bullion. Unlike gold, which tends to be too pricy for the smaller investor, silver is affordable for almost anyone wishing to invest in this precious metal.

Silver bullion, that is, silver that is 99.9% pure, is available in silver bars as well as silver coins, allowing the investor to choose between the two options or a combination of both. Most investors choose to purchase both forms of silver bullion, but initial investors usually begin with silver coins and then move into the silver bars.

Between the scarcity of silver, the growing demand for silver bullion, and the undervalued price for this precious metal, buying silver, today, is a logical investment. Silver prices can only continue to rise, with demand, and with decreasing availability. Therefore, now is the right time to add silver bullion to your investment portfolio.