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Calculating Tesla's PEG Ratio

|Includes: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

This post is to clear up any issues regarding Yahoo Finance data on Tesla's (NASDAQ:TSLA) financial metrics that is causing debate on my article on Tesla.

The source of the data is here and here. Yahoo shows a PEG ratio of around 4.5x when TSLA is priced at around $220. It also shows an 82.2% 5-year growth rate and a 363.3% one-year growth rate. After doing some calculations I find the Yahoo data to be accurate. Provided is a screen shot of my calculations and I will explain them below.

The PEG ratio of 4.51 for 2014 is accurate based on the 82.2% growth rate. If the stock price is $222.41 the P/E is 370.68 based on a 60 cent full-year EPS estimate for 2014. Then we take that 370.68 PE and divide it by 82.2 to come up with 4.51.

An 82.2% 5-year growth rate implies that the EPS in 2019 will be $12.05 calculated as follows:

$0.60 x (1.822^5)

I have then plugged in some reasonable EPS figures between 2016-2019 to get a declining annual EPS growth trend between 2015-2019. I used this as a basis to estimate a reasonable 2019 to 2020 1-year growth rate of 16.21% for an EPS of $14.

We then have enough data to deduce the 5-year EPS growth rate in 2015:

$14.00/$2.78 = 5.03x

5.03^(1/5)-1 = 38.17%

Using 38.17% 5-year growth rate against a P/E of 80 leads to a PEG Ratio of 2.1.

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