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Did The Blackberry Reboot Get A Fair Shake In The Media In 2013

|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BB)

This was a response to Kia who had said don't get too caught up in principle and invest for profit and if the carriers are locked out for BB, and Apple owns them, and if the media hates BB etc..

so part of my response is here and I thought it germane to post here..:

I get the apple owns carriers thing, and the media thing, but still.. on this one single thing the stock pictures of old BlackBerry's for a whole ‎year, in North American Media, is what I can't square...

It cannot but make one think there may have been other forces at work. I also believe, outside the American prism of American Apple land, Chen's work in making BlackBerry profitable is not slowing down, rather it's accelerating.

But with regards to mike's statement 'It seems there's more at work than BlackBerry past mismanagement.."

It got me thinking,

I'm not sure how, or what or who, but it was just too pervasive, the media bashing, the seemingly scripted media told to laugh and kick up the derisive- o - meter every time the word "BlackBerry" came up..

Here's a scene we all saw many times:...and...ACTION:

"BlackBerry?!?" are they still around? So and so, Mary, don't YOU still have a BlackBerry? Sheesh. Why don't you just get an iPhone??". " heehee I KNOOOW, I should get an iPhone but I still can't let go of the physical keyboard! I guess when they go bankrupt I will have to FINALLY kiss my BlackBerry goodbye! (other guys) Haha Mary your so sweet and old fashioned Hahaha everyone laughs, and a final "Well that BK may happen sooner than you think, Mary"..more laughter"


(scene ends, BlackBerry's a joke,and that narrative story reinforced by American leaders in media, no margin for error)

Laughing every tim‎e the name "BlackBerry" came up, and then a second rhetorical sarcastic repeat of the name "WTH, BlackBerry?!?' as if they are done like dinner, and the second time the word is said it's for emphasis, as in "why are we even talking about them they are dinner?"

Followed often (let's get 'serious' for a minute about BlackBerry folks) by a good cop bad cop scenario where one clearly hostile to BlackBerry talking head 'debates' with a supposed BB booster but really wolf in sheep's clothing 'professing' to present an always (but somehow 'weak') counter argument to the bear case, but somehow always losing the debate to the bear case..and saying yeah I guess your right BlackBerry 'may' be doomed let's wait and see.. FUD mission accomplished! I know it seems just semantic but I saw this so many times in so many places that it, and the picture thing makes me go back to mike.."It seems there's more at work than BlackBerry past mismanagement..."

For example, Why WAS every piece from Bloomberg, WS journal, USA today, NY times and thousands of other dailies, etc continually and pervasively, when picking a stock photo, for a news item,why was the default photo an old bb7 device--‎I might add, a good part of 2014 as well.I've even seen articles printed in 2014 with a true WTH when the stock photo was of those monotone green and grey monotone screen early BlackBerry's!.. and what was the reason for perpetually showing old legacy devices when the new Z10 looked NOTHING like it? Was it all just an "accident" that any BlackBerry article in the press almost always showed a storm or pearl or curve?? And never any explanation? And WHY was this so widespread and pervasive? Would it not be plausible, that the goal was for millions of consumers to not read the article, and just see the picture, and say"yeah that's the BlackBerry I know",they're so lame, they put a bad taste in my mouth..

(yes there WERE pictures of Z10's I'm just saying in the 'gist of', that there were way too many BB7 devices used as stock photo shots than BB10)

Especially when all the press KNEW BlackBerry was desperately trying to promote Z10, and every news piece to include the new devices was seemingly deliberately and systematically avoided, and only old devices shown instead...

So,yeah invest accordingly, but that too is a short based comment that seems fatalist in of itself.. Cause it's premise is if (to rip off the song) "if you can't make it here, you can't make it anywhere" (America)

And that's simply not true. If BlackBerry turns out the lights on North America, (which it never will of course) it could still survive and thrive on the world stage. Think BMW and Mercedes Benz, each with around 5% ww market share..and BlackBerry getting more and more into higher margin SW based subscription models, like MS...

That 'invest accordingly'

assumes too, that due to this, all things BlackBerry can ever do again is doomed. And Chen and Beard are saying "look at what we are doing today, and tomorrow. Chen brutally honestly said the 50/50, then 80/20, and now 99/1

So the patient is OUT of ER, out of OR, out of ICU, in rehab, and showing up for work 3X a week soon to be 5...

That leaves me so thankful that almost 80% of the ‎world economy does not look through that American prism, where look the media has passed judgment and said "no offence, but look you Canadian upstart, you HAD your chance, you got too proud n precious over your stupid phones, yeah screwed up, ....and this is over. So....if we SAY your dead?

Your dead."

No recant and apologize, BlackBerry your not getting a last minute call from the governor, the execution is going ahead. In USA where it's Apple land for sure..

However, the important 4/5'ths of the world economy don't see apple as so great rewarding android by far with the lions share of the market. In fact if you took USA out of the mix, (as mighty as they are); Apple might be, dare I say it, approaching single digits on a WW market share basis. Rhetoric? Sure. But my point is I'm thankful that the whole world doesn't see things through the apple prism that the Americans do. But even here, in North America Android / Samsung have made huge inroads..

Apple, taking a page from BlackBerry's boneheaded delays, missed one HUGE product cycle like Nintendo did, and it cost Apple big time market share here in North America. Allowed Samsung et all with the 5" screens and Note2-3-4 to just WALTZ right in, and take apples market share. And this was after apple witnessed it happen to BlackBerry! The product cycle they missed was the large screen format, that I was looking at getting like 3 years ago I think, the S-2...

Anyhow ‎there's no conspiracy on how BlackBerry screwed up all on its own bad self. We all know about it. It's the post reboot of BlackBerry that concerned me and mike triggered these thoughts that maybe, just 'maybe', there other forces at play in the North American market...

Disclosure: The author is long BBRY.

Additional disclosure: As well as long BB, call options and Leaps