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Trade log for July

|Includes: AAPL, EBAY, INTC, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), MT, NVDA, PFE

July was a month when a lot of companies declared their quarterly earnings. I was fortunate enough to find some really cheap options and as expected good earnings from tech did the rest of the trick. Because the share prices traded lower after the initial reaction to the earnings, I could not make as much profit as I could have made. For example the intel call mentioned below could have been sold for 1.25$ which would have given me a profit of 600%. But this is the nature of the game and we should live with it.  I dont have many big bets left on the table. The only big bet I have is pfe where I have bought shares, sold puts and bought calls. Apart from that all my bets are sold out of money puts for the front month except NVDA which fell a lot after I sold the puts on it and hence is now in the money. Moving forward I will stay mostly in cash and as market remains rangebound I may sell some out of money puts for the front month. Here is my complete trade log for July.

Closed Trades
Bought Intel Jul 21$ calls for 20c. Sold for 40c for a 100% profit
Bought Microsoft Aug 26$ calls for 45c. Sold for 65c for a 40% profit
Sold Microsoft Jul 26$ and 25$ puts for 45c each. Expired worthless. 100% profit
Sold Jul AAPL 250$ puts for 11$, bought back for 5$. 50% profit
Bought Jul AAPl calls for 4.35$. Sold for 8$. 40% profit
Bought PFE 15$ aug calls for 15c. Sold for 28c. 90% profit

Open Trades
Bought PFE AUG 15$ calls for 15c
Bought PFE SEP 15$ calls for 80c
Bought PFE shares at 15.1$
Sold PFE AUG 16$ puts for 1.16$
Sold PFE AUG 14$ puts for 30c
Sold NVDA AUG 10$ puts for 40c
Sold NVDA AUG 8$ puts for 10c
Sold INTC AUG 19$ puts for 12c
Bought FAZ at 13.75
Sold MT 25$ put for 30c
Sold EBAY 19$ put for 50c