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Apple are about to Own Media broadcasting and here's why...

|Includes: Grupo Televisa, S.A. (TV)
Apple have delayed launch of their TV because they have waited nearly 18 months to tie up broadcast deals.
They are well placed to do so, think…
They have 400 million or more apple iOS devices out there they own the mobile space (80% of smartphone traffic is Apple, 95% of tablet traffic).
They have a set top box (apple TV) that can be bought by anyone for £89. If they sell a TV as well well that's fine. What they can offer any content provider (read here… Film studio and even TV channels) is unprecedented access to a massive proportion of the worlds connected users. Believe me Sky, etc are toast, they are yesterdays providers. 
Apple can offer more and they can pay more for it and offer it for less to the end user.
They will own the Channel for content providers for a decade at least, maybe more if they can face the heat.

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