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Now That You’ve Taken Delivery, Where Will You Stash Your Precious Metals?

Before we get into specific hiding places, there's another point that must be carefully considered. Who should know about it? Even friends and family can turn on us during very difficult times. They can turn on us even during good times, for that matter.

  • First line of defense for your family? Trust nobody. Don't tell anyone you've ordered or taken delivery.
  • First line of provision for your family? Someone should know in case something happens to you. Perhaps you simply make a list and stash it with papers you'd want discovered upon your demise.
  • It's good to be ready to help loved ones in need. But it's a terrible thing when that ability is stripped from you due to misplaced trust.

Okay, so the question still remains, where? Here are some ideas to pick and choose from, according to your ability, needs and personal goals. And, regardless of where you put it, consider protection from fires. If it melts you'll at least want to be able to retrieve the base metal. If it could be exposed to fire, use a secure container.

  1. Bury it in the yard. Sure, it sounds archaic. But who's going to look? There are metal detectors to find it, but someone has to look in the right place. Gold tends to be more hearty than silver when buried. But I'd recommend placing any gold or silver in a PVC tube and sealing it at both ends. You can cut it open when it's time to retrieve it. Just make sure to remember where you put it. Plants growing on top would be a nice touch. And one last piece of advice, dig deep (four feet minimum if you're concerned about metal detectors).
  2. A very large, very heavy, very strong fireproof (waterproof?) safe in a secluded place in your home. The problem with this solution, of course, is that it's generally easy for burglars to find. The advantage is that they most likely can't walk off with it.
  3. Small safes are basically suitcases for thieves. You can attach them to the floor or wall, which is a legitimate consideration. Just keep in mind that a 2'x2' safe is easy enough to pick up and carry out the door, even when it's full of coins. They can always open it at their leisure.
  4. The old behind the picture safe is still a good idea, as long as you can do it in an inconspicuous (or overly-conspicuous?) place. You might consider two locations for this as well, in case one is discovered.
  5. There are safes that fit between floorboards or rafters. You could place one under a false floor, in a wall or in an attic, among other places.
  6. Some houses have tall trim at the base of their walls. In such cases, the wall board could be opened just above the wall plate, yet hidden by the trim piece.
  7. There are pieces of furniture you can purchase with false bottoms or other areas designed to stash valuables.
  8. In a ceiling next to a can light can be a good location.
  9. In the freezer, wrapped in foil to look like food. In a used frozen juice can might work well too.
  10. Under very heavy furniture.
  11. Inside a tennis ball.
  12. Inside a hollowed out book.
  13. In the septic tank.
  14. Under the dirt of a potted plant.
  15. Open a can of food from the bottom, and then use it to store valuables in your cupboard.
  16. In a child's toy.
  17. Sink a stash in your fish pond.
  18. A fake electric receptacle or switch.
  19. In heating or air conditioning ducts or vents.
  20. In the back of a washing machine or dryer.
  21. A small stash in the car, just in case.
  22. In a Ziplock, sealed with minimal air, sunk to the bottom of a partially full paint can.
  23. Aqua regia is perhaps the most ingenious idea I've ever seen. But I'm certainly not smart enough to think of it myself.

Some Asians have arrived in America with gold foil sown into garments, hidden in luggage, in seams or any of a number of locations where it was unlikely to be found. Upon arriving, they removed the gold, sold it and started a family business.

Finally the fact that I've been able to dig up and think of all these ideas means that a thief would too. So, think outside the box.

In other words, be creative. Avoid naïveté and a false sense of security. Protect your wealth and your family as well as your resources will allow. If nothing happens, then at least you know you did all you could. And, if something does happen, you can rest in the knowledge that you took every precaution you could think of for every contingency you could imagine. Then, regardless of the outcome, there will be no room for regret.

For your prosperity,
The Gold Informant