Where will you be when Greece defaults?

Jan. 19, 2012 4:47 AM ETAA, BTU, FLR, GS, HIG, HPQ, LM, BKNG
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Answer: Probably sleeping, if you are on the continental USA. Greece is a slow moving train wreck, but at some point it  has to come to an end, just don't know when and how. And if there is one thing I learned in the Marines,don't wake sleeping bears. I know this might be obvious, but it is so easy to sell fear, just ask Glenn Beck. It is also so easy to sell hope, just ask marketers of 2008. But I should really know this having spent a tour of duty in advertising many years ago. Why do you think I wrote an article about Tim Tebow and Bernanke..? Nobody cares about Bernanke, but Tebow that's a whole another story. (Yes, I  am a Broncos fan, but at the same time, let's give the 24 year old kid a break.  I mean really he doesn't hurt anybody and he is not an egotistical thug. Kim Kardashian on the other hand was making sex tapes at 24 and for some reason the media still pays attention to her?)

Moving on to some notes of interest:

#High Frequency: If you are holding your stocks longer than 22 seconds, you are now considered a long term investor.

#European Crisis Debt Saga: 2 perspectives: 1 serious:  “The Smiling Faces of Ben Bernanke & Marc Faber.”. 2 funny and serious click here for a  3 minute video explaining the Euro crisis.

#earnings: S&P 500 Profit Season Has Worst Start in Years: Chart of the Day via Bloomberg. Yet the market is up 3.03%  YTD. #get rich quick scheme: Bizarro Market Winning Strategies 101: Go Long The Most Hated Stocks via Zerohedge

#Beta testing: Still a work in progress but of the 600 stocks I track 77.14% are now signally a buy. Haven't seen this level in a while and usually means we are around the top. Here are 10 setups in 10 seconds... click the stock to see overall performance.


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