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Sleep Well for the Right Price

Most of us know that sleeping often isn’t easy. With the plethora of remedies available on the internet, we scour the online market to stock up on sleeping pills, relaxation techniques and hypnotic videos in the pursuitof a better night’s rest. But perhaps the most prevalent new trend in the search for sleep, boasted by a growing barrage of retailers, is to make the switch to a memory foam mattress, in the hopes that it will aid with alignment, comfort and support as companies promise that it will.

So what is memory foam, exactly, and what does it do? Memory foam is made from visco-elastic polymers and is comprised of billions of small, open cells that expand and shrink in response to temperature and pressure.  When you lie on a memory foam mattress, air flows slowly between these cells, giving them time to gently give to the contours of your body, distributing weight evenly across the mattress. This can reduce localised pressure, assist circulation and encourage a more comfortable sleep.

But the challenge with purchasing memory foam products – mattresses, toppers and pillows alike – is that quality and price do not always make choosing the right memory foam retailer an easy task.

One outstanding up-and-coming memory foam manufacturers today is Clouds Memory Foam, who have had massive success across the UK and Europe. Just after their start in April 2011, Clouds’ smash hit discount voucher, for a 60% mark-down on their Super Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress, began a snowball of Clouds’ success in several countries.

Initially, however, Clouds Memory Foam was subject to some negative reviews from fearful customers who were afraid the Groupon deal could have been a scam. But after sorting through some early kinks in logistics, Clouds Memory Foam has prevailed with the high quality of their memory foam products. Clouds’ memory foam is made from130mm of high resilience polyurethane RX33/120 base foam and 70mm of VC55 memory foam. All of their products are covered with a washable, advanced temperature controlling soft fabric, to battle the reputation that memory foam has for overheating sleepers in the night. The high resilience base layer of high density foam provides support and comfort while the cover encourages airflow and regulates temperature. 

Cutting out overhead fees by making their memory foam products to order and delivering them straight to their customers, Clouds Memory Foam has managed to uphold the quality of their bedding with a price that falls far below worthy competitors.

With their ever-enlarging customer base, Clouds Memory Foam is now expanding to the US and Canada, and is making a variety of luxury bedding necessities such as duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and beds. Such rapid growth, quality products and great pricing deals make Clouds Memory Foam a reliably strong competitor in the race to the perfect mattress.