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(113-V2)-Best Ways To Invest -- What's Your Opinion? A Place To Share Ideas! #113-V2

A note before beginning:

Politics have entered into everything these days. So for now, I'm splitting the usual running chapters, into two instablogs. This blog marked 113 version2 -- is for investing specific discussion that doesn't reference politics at all. This is to keep the sanity intact for those who really want to focus on investing without the admittedly important current politics but that can easily side track.

For investing, with political aspects that influence, there is the original chapter 113 (no version number). Here:

To the frequent members, hope you are doing okay in these unusual times... and that this makes it easier.

My usual intro is here:

I've set up this blog a community place to share our investing ideas. Hopefully so we all gain more ALPHA!! It's a great way for my contacts to talk to each other at the same time, not just to me :).


All topics welcome. Investing, stocks, bonds, commodities, economy, politics about economy, and social (so we know who we're talking with). Please invite other investors! Stop by once in a while, or hang out all the time. Please post your questions, make a joke, or share your insights with us!!


My money has done well since I started this blog... so I'm hoping it adds value for everyone!


Only rules of the road are not to insult others, so state your view but don't call others names or put them down. Every view is valuable, if only to convince you, you are right!


This is Chapter #113. As the instablog gets long, I'll create a new blog & post a link at the end of the comments. Here's a link to the prior, #112: (I've been putting in the right links, but sometimes this doesn't seem to work correctly. You can always go to my profile, then to my instablogs, and find the latest.)



Regular poster Fear & Greed has weekly market update articles outlining his ideas, which are great! -- also instablogs! His non-SA blog (primarily for clients is)

Southgent's instablogs shares his experience with lots of good info! He's back on SeekingAlpha for the many of us who missed his conversation.

Robert Duvall is an experienced trader with SA articles with great info from a trader perspective: (He's since left SA, but older articles are around & see his profile for his twitter account.)

Interesting Times has a similar running "forum" instablog on SA: It's more oriented to precious metals, & economic worries than mine.

As for the regular posters, you'll get to know us, if you hang around!!. Several have their own instablogs with their ideas outlined well! And several have published SA articles!

Disclosure: I am/we are long SPY, IWM, TOT, CVX, RDS.B TCAP, TCRD, VYM, MEMP, HCLP.

Additional disclosure: ...and more, ask if you're curious!...