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Forecasting 2014

|Includes: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Forecasting 2014

Just in case folks on this site are interested, here are links to our Forecast 2014 pieces online. They are presumably too long for Seeking Alpha.

None of this is investment advice; not even for existing clients. It is just the perspective of this analyst for those who might be interested. Best wishes to all.


Askari's annual forecasting material is now all online at the company site, in the Annual section of the Opinion page…. where it belongs.

The posting process has been going on since the first weeks of 2014.

The forecast, economies and markets summary, and some proprietary charts went up in early January.

The lengthier discussions and musings were posted a few days ago.

Direct links to most of that online material are, respectively….

Summary of Forecasts: Year 2014 3 pp.

The Good, the Bad … and the merely Ugly [a snapshot of economies and markets at year-end.] 2 pp.

Supplementary Notes to Forecast 2014 44 pp.

Chart of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's multi-factor National (economic) Activity Index

Chart of pre-tax U.S. NIPA Profits (with ICA & CCA adjustments)

Chart of U.S. Real Disposable Personal Income


If you are clients of ours, you'll let me do the worrying about this stuff. You all know I do enough for all of us; and you are doing just fine.

Nothing on this site is investment advice and should not, of course, be treated as such - by anyone, not even clients. It is simply an explanation of what I see and how I think about it. It might interest others; so others get included.

For all of you: Have fun. Stay focused on what matters to you.

As always, contrary opinions are welcome - especially thoughtful ones. Really.

-- Lloyd